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About the Sentinel of Truth 

The "Sentinel" was raised by devout Catholics. One of his uncles was a priest. He was an altar boy until sometime in high school. He always thought that he had a special relationship with Jesus, and he always just wanted to know the truth about God.


At the age of 16, he read the Bible for the first time. What he read made him question his faith in Catholicism, so when he later left home he stopped going to Catholic churches. He tried some other Christian places, but still heard doctrine that contradicted the Scriptures.

After his first divorce, at the age of about 36, he was introduced to his former best friend's (since 7th grade) brother-in-law, "Pastor Jim". Jim had an understanding of the Scriptures like nothing he had ever heard. There was nothing that he could think of that could refute what Jim was teaching. And the Sentinel loved it! It changed him for the better. He was living life, for the first time, without sin. He received the baptism of the Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. He experienced miracles, even being healed a few times and his home being spared from a tornado! 


Since the Sentinel's best friend was related to Pastor Jim, he spent a lot of time with them. He helped the pastor clear his land for his new home, where in the basement the prayer meetings and Bible studies were held. The Sentinel was one of three who painted the Old Testament maps on the basement walls. He helped so many of the pastor's followers move to new homes or apartments nearby. He drove Jim from Burlington, NC to Louisville, KY numerous times, so that the pastor could minister to the saints living there. And the Sentinel had a number of wonderful, caring relationships with other followers of Pastor Jim (with those who were the least over-religious).


The Sentinel met his second wife who had recently returned to the pastor's following, not long after her marriage ended in divorce. They built a very nice home within walking distance of their pastor, moving in just a week after their boy was born. He worked for his former best friend, out of the house, so he was close by and his schedule was flexible. He made good money and was blessed beyond anything he had ever dreamed possible.


But after 11 to 12 years in Pastor Jim's following, the Sentinel could no longer ignore the "red flags"! His attitude went south. His wife was a nervous wreck, due to the gossip and judging that went on among many of the women (no one had a normal relationship with anyone outside of the pastor's following). In his last months with the "cult", the Sentinel was nagged to no end by his wife, but still thankful for all his blessings. He just couldn't take the hypocrisy and constant control of his pastor any longer. And at the opportune time, Pastor Jim falsely accused the Sentinel of many things and kicked him out, knowing that it would be the end of his marriage and result in the breakup of his family. He later learned that Jim and his "Inner Circle" had been brainwashing his wife, turning her heart against him!


He wrote a book about the experience, so that one day his son would learn the truth about why his daddy had to leave home. A bogus lawsuit filed against him by his former best friend, for business matters, was settled by taking the Sentinel's book out of publication.


Eight or nine years after being kicked out, he learned that many other families were broken up as though it were God's will, and that other members were mistreated and/or ostracized and left. A lot of the evil perpetrated by Pastor Jim would not have occurred had his followers not been so afraid of their pastor. But most were guilty of idolatry, putting Jim on the throne of God, as though he were God.




Now that the Sentinel is approaching the age of 60 and has learned that so many others have been mistreated, and judged to be unworthy of God's love and blessings, and that they all had been financially used, the Sentinel has decided (and felt led by God) that the truth must be told, for those who are willing to listen to reason and consider the possibility that Pastor Jim has done much evil in God's name. God let the Sentinel know right after being kicked out that he could have been reconciled to his ex-wife, if and when Pastor Jim repented. Although he didn't fully understand what that meant, it should become apparent to anyone who explores this website that Pastor Jim is in more danger of being cast into the Lake of Fire than anyone they know.

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