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Pastor Jim's Pizza Toppings:
  • Extra Cheese - lots of cheese, in the form of dancing, laughing, crying, singing, rolling across the floor, falling out, etc., supposedly in the Spirit, but actually a result of peer pressure (negative judgment) and suggestion.

  • Baloney - busy work benefiting only those in the cult.

  • Pepperoni - spicy praise for those who do Pastor Jim's will, mindlessly.

  • Bacon - lots of tithes and offerings, bestowed only on the "master's" pizza.

  • Onions - the things Pastor Jim does to break hearts and make loved ones cry.

  • Anchovies - the pastor believes that he is a fisher of men, but his closest followers stink of self-righteousness.

  • Mushrooms, olives, and green peppers - the innocent followers of Pastor Jim who do not judge, who are not self-righteous, and who are completely ignorant of their pastor's sins.

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