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The Sins & Wrongs of Pastor Jim

There were just too many warning signs to ignore. But no one dared question their pastor, else he would make them look like a fool.

Using a number of blogs that Pastor Jim wrote and posted to his website, the Sentinel points out how hypocritical Jim can be. There is almost some hypocrisy in everything the pastor has written, which is just mind-boggling!

Pastor Jim teaches doctrine that sounds good, but has no biblical basis. His "All Things" doctrine allows him to do evil in God's name. He makes claims that no one but God could possibly know.

The Sentinel's best piece of evidence revealing the lies, hatred, and hypocrisy of Pastor Jim was a letter that Jim wrote to the Sentinel. Anyone who reads it, with the Sentinel's observations inserted, can see how evil Jim's heart is.

It is very uncanny how the description of Satan, found in Ezekiel, fits Pastor Jim! And when one's eyes are opened to how much evil he has done, one will see that Jim has been deluded by the spirit of Satan.

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